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This online press kit is intended for use by the media and all interested parties seeking more in-depth knowledge about Winterwoods Homes.

Your media contact at Winterwoods Homes & Winterwoods Homes Foundation is:

Jeffery W. Caudill
Founder and President

Winterwoods Homes, Ltd.
StoneyCreek at Wintergreen Resort
1296 Stoney Creek West
Nellysford, Virginia 22958
Phone: 434-361-1212
Mobile: 215-397-7459
Fax: 434-361-0001
If you are not a member of the media and are interested in learning more about Winterwoods Homes and The Winterwoods Homes Foundation, please contact us. Founder and President Jeffery W. Caudill is available to personally answer any questions you have about Winterwoods Homes and The Winterwoods Homes Foundation, The Dobie Mountain Lookout (for sale in North Georgia) and the home that exists only in your imagination.

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Company Information

Jeffery Caudill


Winterwoods Homes provides today’s customer with the ability to combine the entire home building experience under one roof, creating a true one-stop experience. Winterwoods Homes provides their customers with: 

  • Custom architectural design
  • Professional interior design services
  • Materials and interior finishes selection
  • Master site development and land planning
  • Construction and building services nationwide in the United States and Europe as well as the design and manufacturing of timber frame and log systems.
Winterwoods Homes materials are reclaimed, recovered, recycled or renewable ensuring that your dream home will feature the best of nature and historical materials with the modern conveniences of today.

The Winterwoods Difference

Winterwoods Homes, Ltd. offers a revenue producing, architectural design, build, real estate investment program that sets the company apart from what any other would be competitor can offer. The “Best-of-the Best” atelier business model was created by Winterwoods Homes owner and founder, Jeffery W. Caudill. Mr. Caudill spent more than 20 years of his career previous to Winterwoods Homes in the investment advisory and financial services industry.

Individuals working with Mr. Caudill, Winterwoods Homes personnel and their atelier partners experience task specific professionalism and a skill set devoted to custom design/build projects and real estate investment development strategies. The level of attention provided to individual client concerns is unrivaled in the industry.

Winterwoods Homes is also differentiated by The Winterwoods Homes Foundation, a private foundation created by Caudill to help fund cause-based initiatives. In an effort to assist non-profit organizations (501(c)3 classified) in their ongoing efforts to improve the lives of individuals and the communities they serve, The Winterwoods Homes Foundation donates 5% of the sale price of their corporately owned investment development properties to the non-profit organization of the purchaser’s choice - an amount that could provide hundreds of thousand of dollars to worthy causes.

Company History

Winterwoods Homes was incorporated in January 2007. The company was officially launched for business on February 28, 2007 with the inaugural Winterwoods Homes website and nationwide marketing launch efforts to introduce the original 18 home designs envisioned and created by owner and founder, Jeffery W. Caudill.

The company is founded on a business model that partners Winterwoods Homes with a team of industry hardened professionals including Slifer Designs, Shades of Light, Antique Cabins and Barns, and Wyatt Childs, Inc.

Winterwoods Homes, and its closely held affiliates, is a custom architectural design, build and real estate investment development company. The company creates, produces and develops custom log, timber frame, stone, and natural element home designs throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Sales of Winterwoods Homes designs, building and real estate investment development services are delivered to customers through a Winterwoods Homes network of more than 100 affiliated sales, PR, marketing and building personnel, as well as internet driven, and eTechnology virtual capabilities.

Winterwoods Homes is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia at Wintergreen Resort, where Jeffery was reared and once worked as a ski instructor in his younger days.

Prior to the creation of Winterwoods Homes, Mr. Caudill spent more than 20 years of his career in the investment advisory and financial services industry. During this time, he worked with individuals and a variety of banking, for profit, and non-profit corporations, managing over $500,000,000 in assets. Mr. Caudill has deployed a variety of multi-layered strategies from the following fields:

  • Investment and Financial Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate and Succession Planning
  • Philanthropic Planning
  • Real Estate and Land Management
  • Land Conservation and Development Planning
  • Risk Management

Winterwoods Homes is truly a “dream” job for visionary Jeffery Caudill. The following story tells the history of how he transitioned from the investment and financial services industry to where he is today – and what lies ahead for Winterwoods Homes.

Current Projects

Winterwoods Homes is known for our large and luxurious log and timber frame home designs. In response to requests from contractors and developers, we are pleased to announce a new series of smaller, cost effective, classic log home designs.

The Rocky Creek Cabin

Winterwoods Homes Unveils
New “Cabin Creek Collection” Log Home Designs


The Dobie Mountain Lookout is just one of several home designs created by the Winterwoods Design Team. We have building consultants throughout the country.

The Dobie Mountain Lookout


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